Saturday, January 26, 2008


So... I haven't lost a ton of pounds, but I am more fit and want to continue taking classes. I now have a love/hate relationship with the PE instructor. I love that he encourages us and insists that we also focus on our nutrition. I hate that he insists that we also focus on our nutrition and calls our bluff when we whine about how hard he makes us work. Tee hee...
Either way, I'm trying to keep my schedule pretty much the same - class at 5pm Monday through Thursday so I don't come straight home from work and do nothing. (Yah, I know, I could sew, but I'd be lying to myself if I said I could do that everyday). So, I'll be taking an aqua aerobics class with him twice a week. He has another class during the week, but not till 6:30 which would mean I'd be waiting around after work. I prefer leaving work, getting to campus in about 40 mins, and starting class soon after. No time wasted, and I can be home by 8pm.
Well, I registered for the aqua aerobics class, and it wasn't until yesterday that I realized what that means. I HAD TO HAVE A SWIMSUIT!! Whaaat?! What was I thinking?! Optimistic me, I thought - "oh, it's Los Angeles, there's bound to be swimsuits everywhere". NOT.
I went to Walmart, Ross, Target, Mervyns... Nothing. I was looking for a simple one piece that would stand up to all the movement in the water. A classmate who has taken the class a number of times made a point of saying I should definitely not spend a lot of $$ on a suit because it would get killed by the chlorine pretty quickly. No luck.
Now, here's the REALLY SAD THING: In my fashion class last Spring, one of our projects was a swimsuit. I made a swimsuit. However, I am not confident that I could do it again - especially when trying to fit an actual person as opposed to a mannequin. And I even remember a classmate, Krazy Krafter, was able to get some great fabric for $3 a yard at the time. How I wish I was confident enough in my sewing skills to whip up a swimsuit right now.
I finally found one - at the sport chalet - for $40 - 10 more than I had budgeted for a swimsuit, but not bad given the dire circumstances. Note to self - what you learned in class really can be useful in real life... start putting it to good use!


  1. You're totally bringing back horrible memories of sewing swimsuits. I agree with you, in that I don't know if I could ever reproduce a swimsuit again. But if you wanted to, I'm pretty sure that place will still have swimsuit fabric for $3/yard. Sorry, my magical garage will not produce anymore free swimsuit fabrics.

    On another note, good job on exercising and trying to stay on task!! I'm still trying to get the motivation to work out.

  2. A swimsuit sounds really complicated - but I hear you... I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate swimsuit shopping so much!