Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back to work

Today is my second day back at work this year, and it's okay so far. Yesterday went surprisingly well. The only hitch was realizing that a friend who is out of the country had sent packages to me using my 3-year OLD address. Her fault completely. I believe one has been delivered already, unfortunately - and I am NOT about to go try to get if from whoever currently lives there that signed for it. How odd. Why would you sign for a package that doesn't have your name anywhere on it? I guess not everyone's honest. What was I talking about? Oh yah, my work day in itself went well.
The good thing about work today is that we're moving to a different floor, so we will have about 3 hours or downtime. Enough time for me to take the shuttle to campus and get my reimbursement for DSL. I will finally be getting a cube by the window! How divine! Okay, you don't understand - the building we were in since I started working here had no windows. We're currently in a temporary spot - which has windows, but not where I sit. So, yes, I'm happy that I finally get to look up and see the outdoors. It may seem like such a small thing to you, but try being cooped up in a windowless building for 5 years...
Okay, they're starting to move us at 8, so I need to log off before they come by. No sewing done - actually will probably not sew till the weekend since I have my class every day after work. Looking forward to working on the muslin for the 4789 jacket though.

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