Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Almost done!

Staying up till 2am last night due to the fact that I have a cold and am sleeping when my body asks me to turned out to be a good thing! That's because I managed to complete all but the last step on my Simplicity 3628 jacket. I'm really excited about how it's come along, and in spite of my lining glitch earlier, I'm so proud of my first lining!! Here is what it looks like on my dress form. Will post more pics when it's completely finished.

Friday, December 26, 2008

For Aminat...

In response to your question - the fabric I'm using is just plain old FLEECE. It's not the anti-pill kind, which I used on my last jacket and was fuzzier/thicker. Just black fleece I bought at JoAnn, not anything special. The photo maybe makes it look different from fleece?

Hope this helps!

My soap fetish... and jacket progress

Every Christmas I ask for some soap as gifts. A lot of the time my request is met with strange looks of disbelief. I guess people can't believe that something so simple could make me so happy. A bar of nice soap is all it takes to make my day. I've already told my husband - "If you ever get that urge to bring home flowers for your wife, bring her some nice soap instead". Anyway, so this year I scored a lot of soap!! Here's all the soap I got this Christmas. My brothers and sisters-in-law, and my Mother-in-law have gotten me enough soap to last till my birthday in June... My nose is so happy! To me, there is absolutely nothing like starting each day with a pleasant smelling bar of soap.

My rendition of Simplicity 3628 is coming along. I was able to finish the lining and have gotten as far as creating the collar. Did most of this last night and early this morning. It's so fab not having to go to work!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Argh! Ah well...

It's a beautiful morning. The hubby's still asleep and I've got my cup of coffee. The lining for my Simplicity 3628 jacket is coming together, but the edges are getting fuzzy and threatening to unravel. I decide to serge the seams that are finished so far. And then it happens. My serger takes a bite out of a portion of fabric that should have been far away from the blade.

Sigh... But hey, this is my first lining, right? I'll just have to hand sew it somehow to fix it. Good thing it's the lining not the jacket!!!

Like I mentioned before, the jacket itself is still in pieces...

Growing up, Christmas day was always the day we celebrated. Now, with me and my siblings married and part of other families, it's changed. I celebrated yesterday with my husband's extended family. Tomorrow some of my family will come over. That leaves Christmas day completely free! Well, free to um.. er.. ah... do housework and yard work

Next week we're hosting my husband's parents and my brother-in-law's family for New Year's eve into the New Year. I have to idea what to cook/buy for the occasion since we usually just have a quiet night in. Well, I've got a week to figure it out (and to do some serious house cleaning)!!

Merry Christmas!

I'm finally taking some time off from work! I also have started on my next project but construction-wise, am still working on the lining. The actual jacket pieces are only cut out and labelled (because this has more pieces than anything I've made before and I don't want to get confused!)
My blog's been awfully quiet lately because I have nothing new on the sewing front. My camera also doesn't want to turn on right now, so I can't even show you what little progress I've made. It's weird. Something similar happened to my last camera. I connected it to the computer to download all the pictures on it. We had to leave to go get my in-laws and go to the family Christmas celebration, so I left it in the process of copying the pictures from the camera to the computer. Well, not too long ago I went to the computer. It was no longer recognizing that the camera was connected. I disconnected, and the camera wouldn't turn on. I'm recharging the battery now - hoping that's the problem. Sigh... I refuse to have another camera quit on me just out of the blue.
Anyway, enough of that. There is so much other stuff going well in my life - I am truly blessed, so the camera issue is nothing in comparison. A merry Christmas to all!!