Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A slow (sewing) start to the new year.

I joined the Month of Pants sewalong at the end of last year, and am yet to produce a pair. However, I produced a muslin for the pattern below. After an awesome day getting fitting help from Sherrill Miller, we determined what alterations I would need to get this to fit better. A 7/8 inch wedge alteration to be precise. Yes, that was it - these fit quite well straight out of the envelope! I plan to also add 1/2 inch to the top just for my comfort.

On to my first pair - which will be shorts. I had made the crotch on the muslin according to the instructions included in the pattern. This is my sloppy result

Not so pretty, right? So I pulled out my "Power Sewing..." book by Sandra Betzina and used her instructions to create a sample fly front zipper. I'll switch the opening side on my shorts, but here is the resulting sample.
Much much better...

I did manage to complete one thing I've been procrastinating on. I came back from my visit home with some sand art - something I've always loved but never bothered to purchase while I was there previously. My parents actually purchased these for me. The artist only had a few, so had to create more, and he mounted them on/in a black border. They needed framing, and I finally used a Joann gift card I got from my bro. and fam. for Christmas (thanks gigis!) to get these. Project completed.

And of course, my nails got some love from me too. FingerPaints "Natural Talent" is a color I love because it gives me that straight-from-the-nail-salon look. I took these pics before cleaning up my cuticles, but I hope you can see what I mean. I got this at Sally Beauty Supply.

Sally Hansen's "Berry Pretty" beckoned to me from a display in CVS, and I don't regret the purchase - especially at half price.

I plan to have finished shots of the shorts this weekend!