Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Look 6754 muslin

I'm sitting here watching Discovery Health's ER Trauma show, and all I can think is "Wow...thank God for these people who dedicate their lives to helping others". Anyway, I don't usually flip this high on the cable channels, but I'm procrastinating on getting back to work on my next project.
I spent Sunday evening working on a muslin for New Look 6754. I picked this pattern because I'd like to work on a few basic woven tops to add to my wardrobe for the summer. So, here is my first muslin of view D - the version with 4 pleats in the front.
Although you may not notice, the neckline is waaaay too low. You can actually see my delicates if I wear this. So, alteration number 1 - go back to the pattern piece for the front and raise the neckline.
I'm not sure how that modification will affect the band for the neckline. I think I will compare the ratio in lengths and just try to maintain that ratio after the front pattern piece is changed.

Alteration number 2 is to deepen the back darts. I had to do the same on another pattern, so hopefully that will be worry-free. I think I may have to shift them up a bit as well.
I noticed in the side picture that the back neck area sticks out a bit. Hmmm... Not going to bother with it at this point.
The pattern calls for a back zipper - starting about halfway down. I'm not sure if I like a zipper in the back. I haven't yet decided if I'll move it to the side though. We'll see...
And of course, after seeing how low the neck was, I didn't bother putting on the sleeves. I'll re-cut the front and redo the back darts, so I'll have to dig out that seam ripper... blech.

Okay. That's it for now. Just wanted to post since I am actually doing *some* work.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Almost a citizen!

Flag images from

At about 1:30pm today, my application for naturalization in this country was APPROVED. I'm going to become a citizen! I also took the liberty of finally changing my last name - to my husband's. He's been really good about not giving me grief in the almost six years we've been married. Now that I'm going to be a citizen, it's a good time to change my name.
So... once we have kids, will they be straight up "American" or "Mexican-American/Nigerian-American"? Hmmm...

I have bought way too much fabric in the last couple of weeks, and my credit card bill definitely shows it. Erm... have to sew. It's time to get back to pattern-tracing - especially since I added to my pattern stash this week. Hello, I'm SewShy, and I'm a PROUD stasher. Okay, off to start something (hopefully).

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Simplicity 4076 - again

I wanted to start and finish an item of clothing today, however I didn't feel like tracing a new pattern (especially since I finally got my sewing mojo back at about 5pm). Thus, Simplicity 4076 was made again. I used another $1/yd fabric find - this time in a black and white shell print. I made the sleeves about two inches longer as well, so the top looks a little less casual, and I can wear it to work - yaay! Okay. Enough talk. Here is what it looks like.

Time to sew again?

I finally added reviews of my last two garments to the Patternreview site. I'm hoping that I now can move forward and sew more. I definitely want to make the 4076 t-shirt again, but not sure if I should just do that, or start on my next jacket... Decisions, decisions... I've accumulated so many patterns in so little time that just choosing what to do next is such a chore. Ah well...