Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Look 6754 muslin

I'm sitting here watching Discovery Health's ER Trauma show, and all I can think is "Wow...thank God for these people who dedicate their lives to helping others". Anyway, I don't usually flip this high on the cable channels, but I'm procrastinating on getting back to work on my next project.
I spent Sunday evening working on a muslin for New Look 6754. I picked this pattern because I'd like to work on a few basic woven tops to add to my wardrobe for the summer. So, here is my first muslin of view D - the version with 4 pleats in the front.
Although you may not notice, the neckline is waaaay too low. You can actually see my delicates if I wear this. So, alteration number 1 - go back to the pattern piece for the front and raise the neckline.
I'm not sure how that modification will affect the band for the neckline. I think I will compare the ratio in lengths and just try to maintain that ratio after the front pattern piece is changed.

Alteration number 2 is to deepen the back darts. I had to do the same on another pattern, so hopefully that will be worry-free. I think I may have to shift them up a bit as well.
I noticed in the side picture that the back neck area sticks out a bit. Hmmm... Not going to bother with it at this point.
The pattern calls for a back zipper - starting about halfway down. I'm not sure if I like a zipper in the back. I haven't yet decided if I'll move it to the side though. We'll see...
And of course, after seeing how low the neck was, I didn't bother putting on the sleeves. I'll re-cut the front and redo the back darts, so I'll have to dig out that seam ripper... blech.

Okay. That's it for now. Just wanted to post since I am actually doing *some* work.

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  1. I can't hope to help you with the fitting issues (see my classic white shirt woes), but I will send big mental moral support waves your way on fitting. Maybe you should sew up a quick TNT pattern to keep the machine warm and your sewing vibe going while you subconsciously work out the issues with this one???