Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PR backlog

I realized recently that I haven't been good about writing pattern reviews on the PR site for the garments I've created. Since I'm not sewing, I figured I can at least make progress by writing my reviews, so I'll try to get those done this weekend.
In the meantime - my usual filler - nail pics. I've had this combo on since Thursday night, and it's really stayed put!
(Please bear with the cell phone pictures. I'm just not ready to purchase a new camera yet...)
Sation "Plaza Plum" + Sally Hansen "Star Crossed"

Nice and sparkly in the sunlight. I always keep my colors super shiny with my favorite quick dry topcoat - "Out the Door" from my local Sally beauty supply store. There are people who swear by Seche Vite, but this one dries faster - I actually compared recently.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pattern for the cowl neck top

I dug up the pattern I used for the top mentioned in the last post. It's Butterick 3344, now out of print:

I'm back!

To blogging, that is. I went home to Nigeria for two weeks in early October. Most of the trip was good, but it was overshadowed by Delta's employees taking my carry-on luggage on the second flight, and taking it off the plane at the wrong airport. By the time I got it back (4 days later), their employees in either Dakar(most likely) or Abuja had gone through it and stolen money, my camera, and my gold jewelry. Very sad, very frustrating. This was on the way to Nigeria, so not a good thing for the start of a trip. Anyway, I don't want to speak more on that since it makes me very upset.
I've been back for a few weeks now, but just was not in the mood to blog (or sew even!). During that time, my hubby got strep throat, and a week and a half later (last Thursday) I also got it. Mine was caught just in time, however, so I didn't have to suffer like he did - he had been misdiagnosed as having the flu, and suffered fevers, chills, and the painful throat for over a week before being properly diagnosed and put on an antibiotic. Poor sweetie...

Bits and pieces... I did purchase some fabric while with my parents. I had planned to buy much more, but there was no electricity for the bulk of the day my Mom and I went fabric shopping. Unfortunately the owners of the one stall where she said there was a lot of great fabric had run out of petrol (gasoline) and so could not run their generator to provide electricity for their lights. Bummer. So below is a picture of the six fabrics I got.

This past weekend, I wanted to sew. However, my sewing area is a mess and I just didn't feel like tidying up or figuring out where everything should go. The previous weekend I had pulled out an unfinished project - a cowl neck blouse that I'd had hanging on the rack for over a year because it was too big. I finally got it finished on Sunday morning and wore it to church. I can't remember the pattern specifics (see it's been THAT long!), but will post once I do.

Of course, I couldn't leave the (still) unfinished jacket there, so I threw it on over the blouse. Here is the full ensemble. I still have to topstitch the edges and put buttons on, but I figured it's wearable either way.2/3 of my Sunday outfit made by me... a really nice feeling!