Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No fun!

My mother-in-law saw my almost complete jacket on New Year's eve and decided I would be making one for her. Mine fit her except at the shoulders - mine are about 1/2 inch broader, and of course the arms were too long for her. So.. I bought some more of the same black fleece, and another silky for her jacket lining. They've been pre-washed and have been just sitting there on the ironing board for the last two weeks. Why? Because sewing for other people just isn't as much fun! Yes, I want to make this jacket again. Yes, I want to move on to another project (I desperately need jeans!). But with this project in the way, I have no motivation.
So, I have nothing to show right now. I need to find out how to shorten the shoulder seam on a garment with princess seams to the shoulder. I'll probably just wing it, but again, since I'm procrastinating, I'm in no rush.
In other news... I subscribed to Burda World of Fashion (BWOF) magazine on the GLP news site. However, somehow my subscription didn't go through. Now I'm rethinking it completely. I want a subscription, but my only resolution for 2009 was to spend less and save more. Sigh... we'll see what happens.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Simplicity 3628 Finally Complete

Original Pattern picture here: Simplicity 3628

My version - which I luuurve!
Pic in bathroom Mirror; Front; Sleeve detail - I can wear the cuffs folded or unfolded - I love the sleeve length (with my 4 inch addition)!
Back view; Side view (too lazy to fix pic - sorry for the tag in the middle); Front open
My first lining (I added a little pocket too!); Closed with collar up; Inside out

Firsts for me: Lining, Covered buttons; More top stitching than usual.

Once the pieces started to come together, this was a fun jacket to work on, and I'll definitely be making it again (a TNT pattern, baby!). I did view B of the jacket, in a size 18, but decided to use the top stitching placement (cuff, pocket flaps, collar) from view C. It adds fabulous texture and interest to the jacket (see previous post for close-up pictures of these portions).
When I realized this jacket was lined, I groaned inwardly because I'd never lined a top or jacket before. Once I got past my whining (tee hee), I decided to do the lining first, then the jacket (a great idea from LindsayT). I really like my lining - which I got for $1/yd at the super-cheap store in Rosemead. I decided to add an extra pop of color by backing my buttons with bright red ones. Now I understand what people mean when they talk about the treats that only we get to see - since these items are on the inside of the jacket.
**Thanks to my hubbalicious for the pics (yes, I know, they're still not the best - but that's the camera and my fault [edited to add: Actually, it's blogger's fault - click on the picture to see larger, clearer version pls])!!