Saturday, May 16, 2009

It works :)

I sat down and cleaned up the new machine this afternoon. It was actually quite clean already, just very dusty on the back - which means it was probably stored away for a long time. I also temporarily moved the knee pedal to the floor since my legs are too long to fit under the table. I plan to get some risers later today so the machine can sit higher. Then I'll put the pedal back to the knee position.
Then I tried it out - adjusting the tension, trying out a buttonhole, trying out a few cams. It works beautifully. It's so interesting to see cams make the same stitches that are now automatic in modern machines. I also was amazed at just how quiet this machine is. It has an engine and belt, so I expected it to sound like an industrial, but no way! I'll probably give the machine some oiling before I use it properly. Nice! Now I just have to figure out what to sew next. I have a short sleeve jacket cut out. We'll see if I get to it this weekend.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Since I'm not sewing, more nailpolish

I didn't sew. So what else is new? Here are pictures of polish I had on this last week, however. I'm trying China Glaze for the first time because they have a lot of non-standard colors I'm attracted to. I tried the colors "Recycle"(gray) " and Shower Together" (blue) . Love the colors, but neither seemed to stay on as long as the Sation brand that I've recently been using.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yummy color - I just HAD to post it

After today's house cleaning, my old nail polish was barely hanging on. I decided to paint my nails while I looked through the new sewing machine manual. Now, as much as I love nail polish, I didn't really plan to start posting about it (I've been reading alot of polish blogs lately though!), but I stumbled on a color I just have to share. I decided to dig into my stash of nail polish because I'm trying to wear all my old polishes so I can decide which ones work for me and which I should give away.

Enter Revlon Street Wear. The color I picked is called "Drab", which I think is pretty descriptive. I've had this bottle for... hmmm... probably 8 or 9 years? Surprisingly enough, the back of the bottle says "Formaldehyde and Toluene free". I was surprised at this, because it seems some of the more popular (aka salon laquers) nail polishes only started leaving these ingredients out in the past couple of years. I guess Revlon was ahead of the game.
Anyway, I digress. As soon as I put the first coat on, I was wowed. It's a gorgeous color that immediately made me feel like putting on my hubby's old army jacket just so I could wear something to match my nails! Silly, I know, but the color is a rich creme that is just delicious to look at. Looks like I won't be giving this one away!


Today was "get some of that housework you've been slacking on done" day. Once I was finished with the cleaning I had planned for the day, I went to the Salvation Army store to drop off some books, shoes, and pants (the latter two brand new, so hopefully they'll make someone really happy!)
Well, you know how it is. You drop your donations behind the store and then, naturally, you go in to take a peek at what they've got for sale.
I've been needing a little lamp on a tall dresser I have, and here are two beauties I found!!

When I tried them in the store, I couldn't figure out where the knobs were, so I assumed there were none and the bulbs had gone out. In spite of that, I couldn't resist the price - $2.99 each - so I figured they'd just be pretty display items if they didn't work.

Well, I just tried them at home and realized they're the kind of lamps you tap to turn on - and they're three-way. I have a lamp like this already, but it's more modern. I was so excited about having these with the same feature, I called my hubby to show him (not a small feat, as he was watching a movie and very much into it). His response? "Oh, of course, my mother has a lamp like that, didn't you know?" Well duh, if I did I wouldn't have dragged you away from your movie, would I? Tee hee...

I'm actually thinking since I got a "pair" (they're similar enough to call them that) I think I'll use them in the guest room instead - and move the one lamp I have in there to the spot where I needed one on my dresser. Problem solved!

Okay, so of course I saved the best for last. What else did I stumble into? I was perusing the furniture and stumbled into a curious looking little desk. It looked so plain, I was intrigued. Well guess what it turned out to be?! A sewing machine!!! You should have seen me, I looked around to make sure no one else had seen it first. And it was donated just yesterday too! Now, I don't need another sewing machine. I already have two and one serger. But come on, could you have resisted? I couldn't. You know why? The price was right. How much was it, you ask?

Breathe.... Look at her... she needs a dusting, but she works!

It's a Montgomery Ward - Model number URR 1839. I have no idea if it's any good, but the light came on and it ran when I pushed the knee pedal. It also came with a box of cams, the manual, two feet, six bobbins, and some screwdrivers. The strange thing is, when I was browsing the store prior to this discovery, I saw a box of cams in the "bric brac" area, and was a little sad, thinking someone had a machine somewhere that could use them, but they had been orphaned.
It turns out it was the same brand! I went back after finding the machine and grabbed that box in addition to the one included with the machine.
Well, off I go to clean up my thrift store finds (see what can happen when you go in to donate stuff you don't use?) It's amazing, because I'd been meaning to go drop off that stuff for months, and finally got a chance to drive over today... Yaaay!