Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The pattern search is ON!

I tried on this jacket at JCP the other day, and it fit perfectly. Bubbling with excitement, I rushed to the catalog department to place an order for one in a tall size. I was so disappointed to find out they didn't have this style in talls - especially since all I needed was the longer arms.
I've thought of purchasing the jacket and altering it with similar material, but figured this was the perfect opportunity to see if I can make it (yah, even I think that sounds a little crazy - especially for someone who has yet to take a full set of her own measurements). So... has anyone seen a pattern with similar seams?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A teeny bit more sewing

So... I still haven't gotten back to garment sewing, but I'm certainly trying to work my way back up to it.
I took some time out on Sunday to start on curtains for our new place. I managed to get just two sheers done (yes, I'm slow) for one room using some of the the crinkle voile I purchased last week.
I don't actually have plans to put real curtains in since the house has blinds in each window. However, with blinds, it's impossible to maximize the amount of light in each room without giving the neighbors a view of our living spaces.

Enter sheers - they'll let in light without inviting prying eyes. I took the lazy route and didn't prewash the fabric (yes, very lazy) since it is 100% polyester. The fabric is 108 inches wide, and I (again, too lazy) just left the selvages on the sides.
I spent about two hours trying to get a consistent rolled hem on my (otherwise useless) 925D serger. After 1 broken needle, 3 broken looper threads, and lots of wasted thread, I "cried Uncle".
At that point, I was too frustrated to be bothered trying the same thing on my good serger - the 1034D. I just switched to my sewing machine.

Using an overcast foot gave me a more attractive edge (to me) than the serger had been doing, so I'm glad I made that choice. However, as is common knowledge, the sewing machine is a SNAIL compared to the serger. I'll have to figure out the rolled hem for my next set I make.
The drapery hardware was already in place when we moved in, so I had to work with what was there, and so just created a simple pocket at the top. I did think about having ruffles at the top, but decided to conserve fabric instead.
Now, I just have to figure out how to keep the sheers from blowing too much when the windows are open... Either way, I like them!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Room with a view

I get to work from home once a week, and since I moved have been taking advantage of that privilege. Last week I stationed myself in our new family room. The window I was looking out of had a single rose I had cut the night before. It was such a joy to watch it blossom throughout the day, and I loved that view. Every time I glanced up, I was reminded of how BLESSED I am and wanted to share the view. I took three pictures during my work day, partly because I was amazed at how quickly the flower was blooming. Here they are:

I finally sewed SOMETHING!

It took me ages, but I finally got in front of the sewing machine and created something today. I stayed home today because my eyes have been watering the last few days. This morning my eyes were red, and I was convinced I had conjunctivitis, so called in sick.
30 minutes later, my eyes were no longer red, but were still watery. So I spent the morning trying to find out if I could see a doctor (times when I wish I had PPO instead of HMO) Frustrating, but I eventually got a call back with an appointment for tomorrow. In the meantime I got some antihistamine eye drops recommended by the pharmacist. I'm hoping the doctor can figure out what is wrong with my eyes tomorrow...

With the afternoon off, I baked some cookies for the hubby (I'd promised him I would), and finished up a cover for my sewing machine that I had cut out last night.

I'd gotten tired of the plastic cover especially since it doesn't cover my sewing machine completely.
As I've mentioned before, I really like piping/cording, so I took the liberty of adding some to my project. The piping was made by *moi*, although it took longer than I anticipated. I tried creating the bias strips using the method where you cut one continuous strip, but somehow messed up, and had to sew each one together. I'll try again the next time I need bias strips.

I also bound the bottom edge with the same strips I used for the piping (without the cord). To add some visual interest (and also because I'm not that good at stitching in the ditch - and it would show here), I used one of my machine's stitches for the topstitching.

Of course I now realize I should have gotten some batting and quilted the fabric so the cover would have more structure. Bah, next time! This is how I learn, no?

I also purchased some crushed voile to make sheer curtains with. Our windows currently have blinds, and I'd like to let the light in without people being able to see directly into the house. I've never sewed sheers before, so am dealing with a bout of "analysis paralysis". Hopefully I can overcome that by this weekend.

And finally, for those of you who wonder why I never show pictures of myself (aka Mimi), here is a recent picture of me - (gasp!) - with my face!! I can't promise this will happen again though - blame it on my paranoia...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Too long?

Yes, I've been missing in action for a long time. I have my excuses - I moved and haven't quite got my sewing area ready yet. I have plenty to sew (as usual), including curtains for the new place. I don't know if curtain sewing is a good project to get me back into the sewing groove though. We'll see. I still feel like I have a million and one things to do since not all my stuff is unpacked. Sigh...