Thursday, December 25, 2008

Argh! Ah well...

It's a beautiful morning. The hubby's still asleep and I've got my cup of coffee. The lining for my Simplicity 3628 jacket is coming together, but the edges are getting fuzzy and threatening to unravel. I decide to serge the seams that are finished so far. And then it happens. My serger takes a bite out of a portion of fabric that should have been far away from the blade.

Sigh... But hey, this is my first lining, right? I'll just have to hand sew it somehow to fix it. Good thing it's the lining not the jacket!!!

Like I mentioned before, the jacket itself is still in pieces...

Growing up, Christmas day was always the day we celebrated. Now, with me and my siblings married and part of other families, it's changed. I celebrated yesterday with my husband's extended family. Tomorrow some of my family will come over. That leaves Christmas day completely free! Well, free to um.. er.. ah... do housework and yard work

Next week we're hosting my husband's parents and my brother-in-law's family for New Year's eve into the New Year. I have to idea what to cook/buy for the occasion since we usually just have a quiet night in. Well, I've got a week to figure it out (and to do some serious house cleaning)!!

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