Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I'm finally taking some time off from work! I also have started on my next project but construction-wise, am still working on the lining. The actual jacket pieces are only cut out and labelled (because this has more pieces than anything I've made before and I don't want to get confused!)
My blog's been awfully quiet lately because I have nothing new on the sewing front. My camera also doesn't want to turn on right now, so I can't even show you what little progress I've made. It's weird. Something similar happened to my last camera. I connected it to the computer to download all the pictures on it. We had to leave to go get my in-laws and go to the family Christmas celebration, so I left it in the process of copying the pictures from the camera to the computer. Well, not too long ago I went to the computer. It was no longer recognizing that the camera was connected. I disconnected, and the camera wouldn't turn on. I'm recharging the battery now - hoping that's the problem. Sigh... I refuse to have another camera quit on me just out of the blue.
Anyway, enough of that. There is so much other stuff going well in my life - I am truly blessed, so the camera issue is nothing in comparison. A merry Christmas to all!!


  1. Your jacket lining is coming up so well, can't wait to see your jacket. Have a merry Xmas .