Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanks Sherril!

Until I read Sherril's comment on my last post, I didn't see it. I guess I'm used to clothes not fitting perfectly... (tee hee). She said: "A size 20 is too large for you in the shoulders and neck. If you use this pattern again, cut the neck, shoulders, and armscye at a 16 or 18 and then cut the side seams at a 20...."
At first I wondered how she could just look at the picture and see that. But I've been looking at this picture and finally (a day later, yes it takes me a while) it clicked. I see that it's too large at the shoulders and neck. Wow. Double wow.

Well, I'm going to be making another fleece jacket, though with Simplicity 3628 this time - in a slightly thinner black fleece, and I think I'll take her advice on that one. One step at a time. Thanks again, Sherril!


  1. I can't wait to see your new jacket done in the right size. You're welcome for the advise. I'm glad I could help. Especially since we never got to get together before you moved to fix that blouse that needed help.


  2. Hi SewShy,
    I am new to sewing and blogging myself, after I read your blog, I can see, we have similar shape, I am not sure of the height but I am 5.8". I realise you cut your pattern too big, that's why most of them don't fit. My instructor told me to always look at the finished garment measure measurement on the envelop instead of the body measurement. For example, my bust is 39" and I cut bust size 41.5, or 42" usually (size 14 or 16)for the finished garment, this accomodates for both design and fit allowance . You can check some online tutorial especially Sandra Betzina's (FAST FIT)book,or thread magazine and some other online tutorials. For the simplicity 3628 pattern, I just did a review of it in my blog, and on pattern review as well.
    Just started sewing about two years ago and I am loving every part of it.