Sunday, January 6, 2008

I can't use my disabled camera as an excuse not to blog can I? Pictures make things more fun though!
So, I did go to the step aerobics class on Wednesday and Thursday. Can you say great workout?! Yah, it kicked my lazy butt, but that's exactly what I need. Worked up a good sweat and hoping I can make it through 4 days in a row for the next 4 weeks. I'm also back at work starting tomorrow (blech), so I'll be taking off from there.

I did sew something yesterday. I have a bench that had been buried in junk behind the closet door for over two years. Since tidying up two weeks ago, I dragged it out and now have it at the end of the bed. It needed a seating pad, because it's one of those benches with slats as the top (spaces between the slats - see, a picture would be so helpful here). I made the bench pad yesterday out of some scary-looking canvas-ish fabric I bought at Walmart years ago. Since it was a straightforward project (got the idea from the Reader's digest guide to sewing project), I decided to add some piping/cording to it. I MADE MY OWN bias strips in a similar fabric left over from a skirt, and then actually put in the cording (it's so much easier than it looks!), and used it between the seams. Turning the corners was a little tricky, as was meeting up with the zipper, but it came together. I'm pretty pleased with it (my first go at a functional piece like this - and at creating piping - yaaay!). Okay, now I want to go buy a camera just so I can post a pic...

Spent the rest of the day tracing the 4789 jacket (I'm so slow at this). I use wax paper, but for larger pieces I have to tape two strips of wax paper together before tracing. I wonder if there's wax paper in larger widths? I might be able to finish up a muslin for it today if I get the motivation. Kinda hard because with the overcast rain-ish weather outside, all I want to do is curl up and sleep (or read blogs, or a book). I do need to do laundry though, and make a visit to my cutie neice at some point. Goodness. I hope I get another camera soon...

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  1. ohmigoodness. i looooove the piping with the brown. looove.