Monday, December 31, 2007

My camera died,

but on a lighter note, happy new year! 2007 went by so fast! I'm kind of glad it's over, because it's a year that started with lots of stress and things crashing or not working as expected (both at home and at work). So, here's to a new, smoother-running year.

So, like I said, my camera died. It simply konked out. I pulled it out to take a picture of my hubby holding our adorable neice on Christmas day, and it wouldn't turn on - this after recharging the battery. Unfortunately, this also means I can't rescue all the pictures I have on the card, because of course (just my usual strange luck), Olympus decided to use the non-standard xD card in it's cameras, and all of the devices accessible to me only accept SD cards. Bummer.

I had wanted to take pictures of the yummy chin chin I made (might make more tomorrow - if I do, I'll definitely save some for you, Krazy Krafter!). Now it's all gone - sent most of it to my sis-in-law who requested it, gave some to my brother, and ate the rest in two days flat. Yum yum.
I also wanted to take pics of the fabric I picked up last weekend. Ah well. (Oh wow, firefox just crashed on me - I'm glad blogger saves drafts... Seems like 2007 is trying to wreak as much havoc as it can before it gives way to 2008, eh?)

So, resolutions? Not fond of them. I just want to sew more. Of course, since graduating college, the whole weight loss resolution has hung around - but that's not a New Years thing, it's an all the time thing. I was going through my clothing this past weekend to donate what I don't wear to the Salvation army and stumbled across two bags full of clothing that gave me a reality check.

These weren't just bags of any clothing, mind you. These were clothes that were brought by my parents when they visited a couple of years ago. Clothes that were tailored TO MY MEASUREMENTS in Nigeria. Most of them were slightly tight back then, because between the time the clothes were "commissioned" and my parent's trip, I had managed to gain about 10 pounds. The ones that weren't tight were too large. Needless to say, those clothes had been forgotten until now - 30 more pounds later - and the "too big" ones are also tight.

I was good at first, trying some items on and then refolding them for donation ("some tall lady will be glad to have brand new - never worn clothes"). With each new skirt, top, jacket and dress that I folded, I began to feel agitated. These were all FULLY LINED clothes that would take me ages to reconstruct. They had been made specifically for me and never been worn. There was no duplicate. The printed fabric definitely didn't exist anymore. I refolded work-perfect skirt after skirt (especially agonizing since I can't seem to perfect the fit on my straight skirt pattern - talk less of lining). Got to some gorgeous summer dresses with border prints. Refolded three of them. Pulled out some more...

Then I gave up. I can't get rid of those. I can't. I almost fit into them 3 years ago. i never got to wear them, and they were made for my (long-legged, long-armed, bootylicious) body in particular. Nothing has changed drastically in my life since then. I haven't had any kids, no medical issues that make me gain weight - nothing. There is no reason why I shouldn't strive towards fitting into them again - at least for one more year. No, I'm definitely not going to halt sewing until then. I need clothes that fit my body NOW, that's for sure. When I met my hubby in my gym class, I could have fit into those clothes. Maybe I should take another gym/pe class since I probably won't be taking a sewing one this spring? Either way, I now have a goal to work towards, God help me!

Yikes, that was quiet a long post - and with no pictures to break it up (darned camera). I'll quit while I still have some energy left.


  1. I'm so sorry your camera crashed. Bring over your card maybe by comp will read it.

    Though I have been giving my "thin" clothes away, I don't have anything tailor made for me. I agree with your decision to keep your tailor made clothes. I support you!!! So I'll eat all your extra chin-chin for you. That's just the kind of friend I am!!!! =P

  2. I think that's great motivation. Seriously. I would have a hard time giving up the clothes I made for myself and it's great you have that same sense.

  3. Hey! My parents lived in Nigeria too! And I went a little crazy in the markets...