Monday, December 10, 2007

Alas, another couple of weeks have gone by. I finished my very frustrating skirt (what am I going to do about my darling rear? I love it, but it makes sewing clothes so difficult). It was also made frustrating because I have a protruding rear end, but am not particularly curvy in the hip area.
I'm waiting for my draping class to be over so I can concentrate on sewing. That's one thing I definitely missed this semester - sewing in class. We only have to sew our final project, which I spent Saturday working on. I made my first dress! I was/am so proud of myself. I was lazy and left all the inner seams unfinished (plus it's due too soon - this week) but I tried a few things I've never done before - like adding piping. I've been gaga over piping for a loooong time, and want to make lots of my clothes using it as an accent (once I can get some TNT patterns) I'm going to try to take a picture of it on the dress form at school tomorrow.
Now, why can't I get an exact body double and do away with patterns and just drape all my clothes? I so wish I could. Anyway, sorry, not much interesting here today - just had to say something (and give an excuse for why I'm not fervently sewing).


  1. Glad you got your skirt finished!!!

  2. I always wanted to take a draping class. Do you find it hard?

  3. 007gurl, it was a little challenging at first, but once you get past your first (basic) drape, there are certain things you start to do automatically. It's been very useful for helping me understand "where all those darned darts come from". And there is still so much to learn! We worked alongside the book Draping for Apparel Design by Hellen Joseph-Armstrong. I didn't find the book sufficient on its own - it helped to have an instructor demonstrate draping steps.
    I'm in Los Angeles, so there are at least two places where I can take draping classes cheaply - Pasadena City College and LA Trade Tech. If you can, I would definitely recommend you take a draping class near you. Pls don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions.