Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas and all (aka "Still not sewing")

Christmas Eve. I'm at work. Got all my gifts (and giftcards) ready, but still haven't made the most time-consuming gift. No, I'm not sewing for anyone. My SIL asked for a Nigerian "snack" called Chin-Chin. I have all the ingredients, and it's certainly not complicated to make. It's basically dough that's kneaded and then rolled out and cut then deep fried. My mom always made hers in a twisted 8 shape though (more time consuming) so I always do about half of those and half of the regular square/rectangle/diamond ones. However, after wrapping gifts yesterday I ended up doing dishes that had been in the sink for er... a few days... and then making dinner (whaaat? yah, I cooked). Then no time left since I had to come to work today.
The nice thing about being at work the day before a holiday is that we're usually allowed to leave early(and traffic's great! I got to work in 30 mins today!!). So I'm out of here at 2. Then I have to go get my MIL and FIL and take them to my place to pick up my DH and then off to Riverside for Christmas eve dinner. I thought it odd at first that their family congregates on Christmas eve rather than Christmas day, but now am glad for that cultural difference b/c it means we get to spend time with both families without time conflicts. Okay. I'm boring myself. That means time to get back to work. Later. Have a great Christmas!
(yes, I know, I still haven't sewed a stitch. Got some more fabric tho - pics later!)

Hmmm... looks like everyone's getting in on the top model reality show theme. Even my motherland --> Nigeria's next top model
** Updated 12:08pm - Apparently it's not a show, it's a "competition". Not sure if that means it's a non-TV thing. Hmm...


  1. I'm hoping someone starts putting that up on YouTube.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I hope you had a great holiday!! I want some Chin-Chin too . . . heheheheh I promise to make you something in return.

    I hope you've gotten some sewing done by now?!?! But then again, all I've been doing is hanging out with my family and eating.