Saturday, June 21, 2008

Responses to comments...

I realize I've gotten a few questions in response to one of my recent posts. Here my responses:
  1. Carolyn said "I hope you do have a TNT pattern to take advantage of the wonderful haul!" -I wish I did, Carolyn, but I don't yet. I haven't made a single dress yet - and I really want to! I need to grow some cojones and put in the necessary work to get a TNT pattern done.
  2. Reethi asked "Also, BWOF, how tall are you?" - I'm 5'11'', Reethi, and most of my height is in my legs. Hmmm... that means I shouldn't have to lengthen a BWOF top/bodice by that much, huh?
  3. Cidell said "Also, BWOF isn't too hard to alter for height. I can send you a PDF of how to do so if you'd like." - Thanks for the offer, Cidell. I'm going to hold off on that for now though. I was seriously considering asking my hubby for a subscription to BWOF for my birthday, but I'm not so sure now - especially since I really should sew a little more before accumulating more patterns! So that's the condition I've given myself - no BWOF till I'm sewing more consistently. It's tough, but I've got to be tough on myself sometimes. I'm actually going to try a Burda top (actual pattern - in fact, the one sitting on my new ironing board in previous post) and see how I like the results as part of the process.
And thanks for all the congrats on my weight loss!!

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