Thursday, May 15, 2008

Knockoff JCP Jacket?

JCPenney has become one of my go-to places for RTW in the last year or so. This is because the one item of clothing I used to have the hardest time finding - pants (aka trousers) for work with long enough legs - can be bought there. Prior to finding pants there, I would have to shell out $70 per pair at a specialty tall store in Pasadena. Not fun, and you can imagine how much rotation those pricey pants got!
So, I now have 9 pairs of pants from JCPenney in sizes 16 and 18 (Yes, the 18s are a little large...). The great thing is I just need to find one pair of tall pants in the store, see if I like the fit of that style, and if it's not in a color I want, order it in colors I like online and have them delivered to the store. True, ordering online, is not as cheap as getting it in-store, but at $22 - $26 on sale online, I'm still getting three pairs of pants for the same price as the Pasadena boutique. Makes me very happy...
With my pants length issues now worked out, I have more time to concentrate on other items of clothing. I decided to try some of their jackets in tall sizes as well. I ordered three, one of which was this one on the left (picture from JCPenney site). The others were a corduroy jacket and a "suit" jacket - both with different collar styles and details - all with armhole princess seams of some form. I ordered them in an 18 tall. Turns out the arms were just long enough, but the jackets had the same issue as a few of the tops I've made - too much fabric in the side bust/underarm area. I guess they grade up their clothing with the assumption that a larger size = a larger bust. The strange thing is I ordered it based on the bust measurement of their sizing charts.
I had ordered the jackets from their outlet, and all three came to a fantabulous price of $60. They all fit the same (which is a plus), however this means they all had the same problem...
I returned them to the store, my only consolation being that I knew I had a pattern that could at least come close to the jacket shown above. Mccall 5526. The jacket I like is very similar to view C with the collar of View A!!!! Now I just have to work up the nerve to finally make a jacket. I'm scared! I'm not sure if I should try ordering one of the jackets in a 16 tall first...


  1. You can make this jacket and it will fit so much better. Just cut it in muslin a time or two to get it right. If you need help, let me know. I think I'd have to wear my highest heels though. Sounds like you're much taller than I am since I need to buy petite length

  2. Definitely make the jacket!!! A few muslins and Sherril's help will get you through. And I'll be on the sideline here cheering you on all the way!