Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finally done... good grief...

I found that even though I have a lot of other projects in my mind, I just couldn't get to any of them until I finished the jacket I had been working on in March.

Yesterday I decided to just get it over with so as to clear my creative palette. (Of course, there's still my MIL's jacket that isn't finished). This project has just been around too long. I finished everything except the buttons, buttonholes, and whatever top stitching I decide to do.

Here are the pictures of the almost complete (In my mind, complete) jacket. I don't like how it looks on me - especially since I've gained weight since the last time showed it, so the dress form will model for me. The last pic just gives a glimpse of the lining.

I'll finish up what's left... sometime. No rush, since I won't be wearing it anytime soon.

Now I need to tidy up my sewing space and table before I can think of my next project (I've been wanting to make a dress - especially in my Nigerian fabric). I bought some muslin on Friday and hopefully can start on a test garment tonight - if I don't get lazy, that is.


  1. My goodness! That jacket was worth the wait, it's beautiful. You've done a lovely job. I'm sure when the weather turns cold again, you'll have dropped the extra pounds and it'll fit perfectly.

  2. This is a masterpiece. I love love your jacket. The color is so beautiful. Don't worry you will get to wear this beautiful jacket. Everybody has gained some inches and pds too, but it's almost summer.....Have a lovely week

  3. That jacket is fantastic!!You did a great job!

  4. Absolutely love your jacket. I need to add more color to my wardrobe.