Thursday, March 26, 2009

I don't think I'm going to make it

The "1 pattern many looks" contest deadline that is. Reason? I think my sewing mojo decided to stay and enjoy New York City for a little longer. Every time I walk past the dress form with my incomplete jacket on it, I just don't feel anything. And to think I'm supposed to complete two jackets by the 31st. Sigh...
I had a great time in the city last week though!! It was so refreshing to be with my friends - we all went to the same school in Nigeria from elementary through high school, so we have quite a bit of history together. It was great being around people who share the same values, cultural upbringing, and past experiences. I miss them so!
Unlike me, my favorite bloggers are sewing, so I've got plenty of inspiration! Maybe my sewing mojo will take the red-eye back to California this weekend.


  1. For me, it's alright to take a break from sewing for a while. We have wonderful life to live. I hope u'll find ur inspiration soon :)

  2. As you saw from my blog, no one craft keeps my attention for very long. I have a shirt all cut out and ready to sew but have jewelry making...with it lying there...oh well, breaks are good. They recharge the creative batteries, right?

  3. someone at the lab wants to talk to you

  4. I'm trying to channel my sewing mojo as well. I have an Easter dress to make.....yup, I'm that behind. lol.

    My Mom's "Sister" is from Nigeria. They still go back and forth visiting one another.

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yeah my mojo has been going up and down as well too, that's why I made that tiny top to jump start it. I am sure you will get back soon. have a lovely week.

  6. Hello sewshy,
    I determined the 1`` wedge by first making a muslin. I didn`t make muslin for this one though, but the first skirt I made sometime ago, I made a muslin and I slashed through the highest hill (backload)on the back , then, put a 1` wedge to see if it will correct the problem, which it did. So I measured from my waist to the hill to know where to be slashing my subsequent project. which for me it`s about 8`from my waist. Once I measure 8`from my waist , I slash through and put a 1`wedge.
    I do this for my skirt, and the brown pant I made a while ago, and it`s been correcting this so far. Hope this answers your question.