Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

All those annoying labels, that's what! I was going to put this fabric into a pre-wash load when I noticed the labels. However, the manufacturers are obviously SOworried about the authenticity of their fabric that they make sure the labels are front and center with some serious glue. (Oh no, let's not put it at the end of the bolt, let's put it right in the middle of the yardage!) As you can see I already lost a battle with one label near the selvage... sigh...


  1. I guess that's Ankara fabric, mostly the veritable wax, I guess they do that to show the authenticity of the fabric, because there are so many imitations of it out there, at least they should have used fabric gIue that will be easier to remove.I have a guinea brocade fabric that I had so much trouble with too. I had to soak it to remove the label. I suggest if you put it in the washer, remove the label while is still moist and air-dry it, don't put it in the drier.
    That's a lovey fabric you got there, have fun with it

  2. I was also wondering if soaking it would help.

  3. Oh I was having the same trouble with my fabric from Togo too!!!!