Friday, February 6, 2009

If wishes were garments...

...I'd have hundreds of clothes sewn up by now. But alas, they are not. I really truly have no excuse for not sewing. I still have the jacket for my mother in law in the queue. I also received my Burda World of Fashion magazine for February!! Woohoo! I just haven't had any sewing mojo lately. I have the time, so that's not it. I've told myself that making a simple top may cure me, but haven't gotten round to doing that yet.
I'm wearing my last jacket like crazy, and know I need to make more since the style works so well with my work wardrobe. I did have to re-create and replace the center back piece of my lining, however, as it was pulling apart at the seams. I guess I'll have to add some extra width across the back on my pattern.
So... the weekend looms. Will I be sewing? We'll see what tomorrow brings.


  1. On your next lining add about a one inch pleat to the center fold line on the jacket lining. I just move the fold of the linining piece about 1/2 inch away from the fold when I cut it out. It will be larger than your collar at the next. Fold in a pleat to make it fit the collar area. Bingo! Extra room across the back. HTH

  2. Thanks sewshy, you really inspired me make that jacket, I love the outcome of yours.. BTW, how do you enlarge the picture on your blog by clicking on the image, mine used to be like that, but now I have to link my pictures to my flickr, which I really don't like.Any special code of it's blogger thing?

  3. Thanks for the info, I will do that in my next post.. I did the view A of that pattern first, you did the view B which I just did now, and honesty, your jacket looks so stunning, I eliminated the lining in mine because it's just a casual spring jacket. For sure that pattern is so interesting to make and I love the instructions as well, I will make it over and over again.
    Take care sistah and have fun sewing