Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tagged - 5 things...

I was tagged by Lorrwill to participate in the "5 things" whatchamacallit (what DO you call these?) After procrastinating and putting it off for a long while, I've finally decided to succumb.

5 things in my bag:

1. My chapstick. My number one must-have.Sometimes people think I'm using a glue stick because I use this stuff on my lips.
2. A book - if it will fit. Currently reading Ken Follet's "Code to Zero" while riding home from work
3. 1 or more pens. Never know when you'll need one.
4. Hand lotion
5. Cell phone

5 favorite things in my room
Which room? Makes it sound like I'm a teenager again. I'm going to break the rules and skip this one!

5 things I have always wanted to do:

1. Travel/Vacation 6 months out of every year. And not for work either.
2. Sew all my clothes - quickly (working on that slowly)
3. Nurture a fruit/veg garden
4. Eat whatever I want with no consequences (haha!)
5. Fly an airplane (although I get really bad ear pressure which means I'm in tears from the pain during most landings)

5 things I am currently into:

1. Eating almonds. Yummy.
2. Not that I need to say it, but - Sewing.
3. Exercising on my own (tough one) - after seeing the sad state of the gym at my new local comm. college.
4. Breaking the habit of finishing other people's sentences.
5. Burda World of Fashion. I pore over the (now 4) magazines I own like they are prized possessions!

5 fabulous people I am tagging to add lists to their blogs:
I won't be tagging anyone else... This is not easy!

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