Friday, July 18, 2008

Why cant I do this?

So, I went for a wedding on my husband's side of the family last weekend. I didn't have anything "American" to wear, and even after hours shopping for a dress, couldn't find anything that fit properly.

Last resort, I pulled out some of the clothes my Mom brought for me on her last visit here. This one fit perfectly, so it's what I ended up wearing to the wedding.
When I inspect it, it seems like a relatively easy garment to put together (though it's fully lined). The skirt is simple - it actually has a drawstring waist, so there is some gathered fabric at my waist, but the top?! HOW IN THE WORLD can I just send my bust and waist measurements and a tailor makes something that fits my body EXACTLY from thousands of miles away?

There are two waist darts in the front up to the bust point, and two darts in the back. Also notice that the back darts take in just enough fabric and then leave enough to fit around my behind. The zipper is in the back, and the sleeves are actually raglan. This makes me want to cry, because I know I can do the SEWING, I just am having problems with FIT. Why can't I make clothes that fit me like this?

Oh yah, I know, I look silly with my arm on my tummy like that, wasn't sure what to do with it while the picture was being taken.
Deep sigh...


  1. Maybe it's about body 'type' that they are used to sewing, so they draft differently than we can find in more European patterns.

  2. I agree with Cidell. Europeans aren't shaped like you with all your lovely curves. They obviously know how to handle your shape much better. BTW, that dress is beautiful and fits so perfectly. I'd love to help you with the fit of this blouse so look in your yahoo email in-box.

  3. You look amazing! I agree with Cidell. The natural woman's body type is what is used for drafting and creating garments in Afrika.