Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lost motivation?

Thanks for the great comments on my t-shirt! I certainly can't take any credit for the beautiful print fabric - but I'm glad I chose it, because I love it too. And to think, it was a last minute impulse buy!!
I had a busy weekend and wasn't able to sew, and now I feel like I've lost my motivation. The community college where I take gym classes is on spring break, so I actually have my evenings free this week. You'd think with the extra hours after work I'd be churning out garments, right? Not happening. I'm actually not sure what I want to make next. I'm thinking another jacket - slightly more fitted this time - but I can't decide which. Right now it's a toss-up between these three:

Simplicity 3628
Simplicity 4275
Simplicity 4302

Choices, choices. None of them is particularly difficult. I looove the details in the different views of 3628. I'm not sure why I'm having issues... sigh...


  1. I vote Simp 4302 - no reason except that I've also got that on my pile of "to-do's" :)

  2. Hi SewShy, We have very similar taste! I have all of those patterns in my stash. I even cut out 4302 about a year ago, but never made it up. Right now my classic white shirt is giving me such fits (I'm trying some different FBA ideas), that I feel like I'll never be able to sew anything else again! I did trace off a skirt from BWOF to play with as a break from the shirt, though. Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog, Processed Goods, the other day. I love comments. The online Igbo class I pop in on from time to time is Uwandiigbo on Yahoo Groups -- -- its really an online discussion, more so than a class, but they do have some lessons posted. If you want some beginner books & materials or want to know how to get started, email me at ncegbu at yahoo dot com.