Sunday, March 16, 2008

Inclement weather and t-shirt muslin

It was chilly on Friday. Saturday it actually rained for a few minutes. I remember thinking (as I drove to my brother's place) how ironic it was that I now had a light jacket to wear, and now it was too cold to actually wear it. I mean, what's up with this weather?

Thankfully, we're back to blue skies today. I have a theory on the iffy weekend weather. Wanna hear it? I warn you, it's a tad crazy... Come closer...
I think the sewing divas who came from the east for PR weekend brought their weather with them. Don't tell anyone, it's just a hunch.
I didn't go downtown or anything, but I do hope all the ladies found tons of great bargains in the fabric district. If you're wondering why I didn't go to meet anyone, well, I have a perfectly legitimate excuse.
I'm shy.
That's it.

Okay, change subject. I took Friday off work just to get a mental break from it. I stopped in at a tiny fabric store in Rosemead that my friend Krazy Krafter discovered. It's such a small place that I actually couldn't remember where it was, and had to call her (and wake her up) to find out what the cross-street was. She was gracious enough to not mind being woken up, and I was there in minutes.
I don't have pictures of what I bought yet, I got 5 different fabrics - one silky (for lining my next jacket), one cotton/polyester for some new pillowcases, and three knits. Now the thing I loooove about this place is that all the fabric is $1 - $2 a yard. Perfect for someone like me who doesn't want to mess up a project and have it hurt my pocket as well. The real deal, however, was that I got 12 invisible zippers for $2. Take that, Joann's!
On that high note, I returned home and did a load of knit laundry. I then traced out Simplicity 4076 - which has been a favorite at PatternReview. By the end of the day I had a muslin made of view D. I used two different knit scraps. Of course, I mistakingly put my shoulder seams on the outside of the garment (this is why I need muslins!). The fit's not perfect, but I'm just trying to "get my sew on" right now and not worrying too much about fit.

The fact that I messed up on the shoulder seams meant that my sleeves didn't match my front - one was always reversed.
(and yes, I know, that mirror needs a good wipe)

I had planned to go ahead and make the actual garment yesterday, but didn't get round to it (with the cold weather and rain, all I wanted to do was cozy up in bed and read other people's sewing blogs!). Maybe today. Maybe.

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