Saturday, August 25, 2007


Have you ever woken up from one of those naps where you immediately said to yourself "Aargh, I shouldn't have taken that nap"? Yah. I just woke up from one of those. It was a sugar-induced slumber - thanks to two 99c store ice cream "treats". And to top it off, I was jarred out of my sleep by someone's shrieking car alarm.
Not much done today. Said "Adios" to some clothing from my closet - as well as my knitting needles, crochet hook, and a ton of unused yarn. I have not completed a single knitting or crochet project since I got those. It was time to stop fooling myself. I thought of giving them to my MIL, who occasionally crochets scarves for people... and then realized that would just be putting off the inevitable. I needed that stuff out of the house right away. So my DH and I drove it over to the nearby Salvation Army thrift store. Now I can't wait to see what else I can give away!!
Taking off in a short while to see my darling niece. It is always amazing to me how much she has grown each week yet how little she still is. And, of course, I leave there thinking how nice it will be once DH and I start a family, yet immensely grateful that we have not done so yet. Where would I find the time to do "nothing" like I currently do??

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