Friday, August 24, 2007


Argh! My upper back hurts from sitting all whacked up in front of a computer all day. You'd think I'd get up and take a walk now that I'm done with work, right? No. That would be too sensible.

Two new additions (the pic's out of focus , I know. I'm new to this, give me some time) to my library. I'd heard so much about this issue of Sew stylish from other bloggers that I figured I had to get it for myself. Of course, I just missed the 99c Simplicity pattern sale at Joanns (this is not to say I didn't get 99c patterns, just that I didn't get the one used in this issue - 3631), so I've got the mag, but not the required pattern. Not much of a loss, bc I can't see myself in most of those outfits, but the alteration info is priceless!

The book on skirts? Mostly for ideas. I already have a TNT pattern for an a-line skirt. Of course, I've only made one skirt with my altered version of the pattern, but it looks flattering -hence TNT in my opinion - in spite of its slightly too-large waist. I would post a pic of that, but it's been sitting in the pile I left it in since I wore it on Monday and quite unsightly with the acquired wrinkles. I did get quite a few compliments on it, though, so I know it either looks good, or was so hideous that folks just had to say SOMETHING. Now I just need to peruse the skirt book again and figure out how (or if) there is a good way to accommodate my pleasantly plump rear while retaining the original hem line in another skirt style.

The thing that concerns me (and I may have read stuff wrong the first time) is that they seem to have you take your waist and hip measurements and create a skirt front and back by adding ease and dividing by two. Is it just me or does that sound like a recipe for side seams framing my butt? I don't know. I'll have to look at those formulas again.

Okay. I'm hungry (no, not really, but need to convince myself to walk away from the computer). Will be back.

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