Tuesday, September 22, 2009

UFO revisited

Remember this jacket? It's been worn by my dress form for months now as you can see here, but I took a look at it again on Saturday morning. Yes, I've gained back all the weight I lost last year, so I won't be able to button it, but aside from that, it still looks decent enough to wear. I had put in shoulder pads, which remedied my sloping shoulder issue a little.

So... I decided I wanted to put patch pockets on underneath the otherwise useless flaps. This meant re-opening the lining, which I did. That's accomplished, so the next steps are to close off the lining opening, do some topstitching, and add the buttons and buttonholes. I'm determined to wear it this fall. Hopefully will have pictures before the weekend.


  1. Sewshy, this jacket must be worn....lol, it's just too beautiful, don't worry you will surely lose some weight by the time you come back from your trip....I guarantee...lol.
    Have a lovely one

  2. While you have the lining open, why not sew smaller seams on the sides and princess seams. Just sewing the front and back princess seams and the side seams 1/4 inch smaller, you get a full 3 inches in width all around. Then I'm sure you'll love and wear it a lot.

  3. Lovely color! I would love to see you make an outfit out of it.

  4. maybe you need some music for motivation = ) any special request?