Friday, August 29, 2008

Styl-Plus Back and Better, and lovin' them!

Still no sewing. We're moving soon, so there won't be sewing till we're all unpacked.
In other news...
When my parents come to visit, they usually bring me some music by Nigerian artists. There is a group of young men in particular - Styl-Plus, whose music I've always liked. Now, I'm not usually one to listen to the same CD over and over (though my hubby would disagree!), but I've had this one in my car and at home for the last 3 months without getting "Styled-out" (aka, tired of it) yet. It's titled Back and Better. I especially like when their lyrics include Igbo and Yoruba. Even when I don't understand them, it feels so good to hear a language that I would usually only hear spoken back home in Nigeria.
Here are sound bytes from my favorite songs on the album.

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