Friday, November 23, 2007


Yes, I woke up at 7am and went to Joann's today. I acquired a few things as a result. First was the knowledge that I really shouldn't have bothered coming early to wait in a long cutting line of women buying 99c/yd flannel. Second was a bag pattern I have been wanting to get for some home decor fabric I found at Walmart for $2/yd. I also grabbed two Vogue patterns I've had on my wishlist. I don't think I am ready for Vogue patterns yet, but might as well grab them now.

Next was a few notions (not needed right away, but how often can you get 70% off notions, eh?
Then of course, I heeded the call of a cute print, and returned to my Nigerian roots for some batiks - something that existed in my wardrobe before I came to this country for college, and has been sorely lacking ever since:
All in all a good haul. I considered getting another cutting mat, but I don't really need one yet - especially since the items I'm making right now are separates.

The only bad thing about acquiring more sewing paraphernalia is that it increases the pressure to create. I was recently discouraged by a jacket attempt, and put it down for now. But that story is for another post...


  1. 70% off is a great reason to stock up on notions! :-)

  2. You got the jeans pattern that my Joanns was sold out of!