Monday, October 29, 2007

Purchased Serger!

So... I did a lot of research. And settled on a serger that I wanted. It was the Brother 1034 D. Yes, at $232, it's not that expensive. However, I have to watch my budget, and have plans for the holidays that will require that I pinch pennies for a while. Yet I coveted that machine.
I got on ebay. Lost one auction for one. Comforted myself.
Looked again this past weekend - there was another! I bid on that. I also bid on a Singer, and another Brother (432d or something). Lost the 432d. That's okay. Searched some more. Found a 925D that looked okay. Note that at one point I was winning on three sergers. I was slightly panicked when there were 2 hours left on one, 4 hours on the next, and 2 days on the third - all with me leading. Outbid on the 1034. Sad, but okay. That was the priciest. Outbid on the Singer. Should I bid again? 1 hour left on the 925 and no one else had bid yet... Decided against it. If I didn't get the 925, I would save weekly to get the new 1034 - I wasn't in the mood to go through the hair-raising ebay dance again.
So... I GOT THE 925D! I was the only one who bid on it, and I got it for $99 + s+h. I'm so happy. For now at least. I hope it works as it says it does. I've been very lazy about finishing seam allowances in my last three projects - although I had no choice but to zigzag on the two skirts as they would have unravelled otherwise). I can't wait to get my serger! Not that it's keeping me from starting on my next project (a simple jacket with a mandarin-like collar and mid-armhole darts on the front), but it sure would make it sweeter!

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  1. Congratulations! I've been tempted by both a serger and a dressform, but I cycle through a lot of hobbies though, so I'm reluctant to spend the $, and decide I'm tired of sewing.